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Inspired by the Distillerie Bertrand spirits, using the same approach as that used for the whiskies he created, the innovative composer Jean Metzger imagined an original product: the Biersky. He invented the recipe, an audacious marriage of beer brandy and malt distillate that gave birth to a perfect blend with unexpected balance, a product both exceptional and timeless.

This line opened a new direction for the Distillerie Bertrand in 2013. After the original celebrated creations, Jean Metzger wanted to stand out, to distinguish his formulations from the other classic whiskies of Uberach. With his rich experience in Alsatian malting, he drew from the terroir the resources necessary for the production of this unique, authentic spirit.

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An atypical spirit markedly different from the usual ones, it clinches the conjunction of beer brandy and malt distillate.


A blend of beer brandy (60%) left forgotten in an oak barrel to which Jean then added malt distillate (40%) to create a real treasure, unique among French alcohols.


A stroke of luck for our creator-composer: the Biersky is the marriage of two typical Alsatian alcohols.

biersky 44.4°

Alsatian spirit Timeless Audacity

From a barrel long-forgotten in the cellar comes an uncommon product at the crossroads of two worlds, the brewer’s and the distiller’s, two acclaimed traditions in one Alsatian spirit.


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biersky 52.4°

Alsatian spirit Surprising Authenticity

Perfect balance and surprising authenticity.

This version of Biersky is the new interpretation from Jean Metzger of the barrel of beer brandy matured for many long years.

This new Biersky,…

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