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St Wendelin

IGP Whisky d'Alsace Le Souffle Calcaire
Origins or type of mash

Organic malted barley mash


Alsace limestone

Type of still

Copper Holstein column still


Traditional double-pass method with water from Uberach


An interpretation of the diversity and individuality of the Alsatian winemaking terroirs.

Paying homage to the patron saint of Uberach but not only, this whisky also honors the Alsatian terroir in its purest authenticity.

Aged for many long years in barrels having contained Alsatian wines, it’s the reflection of a unique, atypical terroir, here dominantly limestone of the Haut-Rhin.

Borrowing the history and the notes that those barrels carry of limestone terroir, the Souffle Calcaire interprets all the complexity of the region and its particular climate.



    (Souffle 2020 batch)

    First aging in French oak barrels, 137 to be precise — then a second time in a barrel having contained a Pinot Gris Grand Cru Vendanges Tardives, then in barrel 229 (Feuillette 114L, or half-barrel) for the second time.

    Type and length of time

    10 years in the barrel, meaning 8 years and 1 month in a barrel of Pinot Gris Vendange Tardive Alsace, then a second filling for 1 year and 11 months in the second barrel

    Type of barrel

    French wood barrels having contained “sweet” Alsatian wine from a grand terroir of limestone soil for the first filling

    Year of distilling


    Year of bottling

    2020, on St Wendelin’s saint’s day

    Tasting Notes

    (Souffle Calcaire 2020 batch)


    To the eye the whisky Saint Wendelin “le souffle” is bright with its deep golden yellow; it enfolds with a fatter, headier aspect than its little brother, “le principal.” The color is a clear harbinger of advanced, respectable age.


    In the nose, all the fruitiness of the orchards of the fine white wines of Alsace appears. You recognize the pear, the plum, stone fruits such as peach which characterizes the Alsace pinot gris. Aromas of vanilla are also clearly distinguishable.


    The silky, gourmand tastes of white flesh fruits emerge and the complexity of the Alsatian terroirs offers a unique, intense experience, revealing a multiplicity of very pronounced flavors for a powerfully heady finish that recalls notes of tobacco. An immersive, fruity experience for those who appreciate wines and whisky with character.


    5cl / 50cl and 150cl



    Number of bottles produced

    20 bottles of 5cl 

    150 bottles of 50cl

    3 bottles of150cl

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