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Whisky Uberach

IGP Whisky d'Alsace Single Malt
Origins or type of mash

Organic malted barley mash


Barley from the Rhine Valley

Type of still

Copper Holstein column still


Traditional double-pass method


A desire, a goal for a result outstripping all expectations.

Since 2001, surrounded by the activities in the distillery and swept away by his reflections and out-of-the-ordinary tasting discoveries, Jean Metzger set himself a challenge: to bring out a whisky never before tasted in this world with the purpose of rediscovering a local taste, atypical and 100% French. Thanks to his enlightened education in distilling and a precise idea of the emblematic product he was dreaming of, he imagined his own whisky — one aged in new barrels at the beginning of the process, then in barrels from Banyuls, non-chill filtered to conserve all the complexity of the aromas. This dream finally came true when the Whisky d’Uberach Single Malt was bottled for the first time in 2006, having reached maturity and becoming the distillery’s iconic, trailblazing product.


    The malt preparation relies on the brewer’s expertise and in Alsace no guesswork is allowed. First, germinating the barley finishes with drying it in peat, which favors both the taste and subtlety. Then the organic malted barley is distilled in small 1985 Holstein stills using the double-pass method: the first with all the plates engaged and the second with some disengaged, others not. The size of the copper stills permits limiting the length of time given to heating in order get the very best of the grain while conserving its aroma.

    Aged exclusively in French wood barrels of 225 to 350 liters.


    6 years minimum since 2013

    Maturing method

    A mix of new oak barrels made in France and barrels from Banyuls for the second or third decanting

    Year of bottling

    Since 2013

    Tasting Notes

    Straw-colored with touches of rose and pale gold.


    The first sniff evokes apple, pear and mirabelle brandies. Decidedly floral, on notes of honeysuckle and heady floral fragrances, lavender and holly, this whisky opens new horizons. The brandy notes turn into those of ripe fruit.


    Gourmand, evoking caramelized pear pie garnished with vanilla and cinnamon as only found in Alsace. The palate senses a lactic sweetness with the perfume of honey that evolves into heady floral fragrances and dried herbs such as black tea. The beautiful long finish offers vegetal as well as fruity notes and persists on subtle spices such as pepper and ginger.

    A peak of intensity arrives once the glass is empty, recalling tropical fruit and flowers such as violets and lavender.


    5cl / 70cl / other bottling formats on request.




    Non-chill filtered.

    Store upright in a cool place.

    Ready to be enjoyed.

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