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Cask Bleu

IGP Whisky d'Alsace Strength and concentration
Origins or type of mash

Organic barley mash



Type of still

Copper Holstein column still


Traditional double-pass method


A mark of authenticity, this whisky is the result of a long friendship. In his search for the precious wine barrels from the French winegrowing terroir, Jean Metzger sometimes had happy surprises.

A longtime fan of wines from the Rhône Valley, he one day met a winegrower who would go on to become a friend. During a conversation at a wine fair, this person suggested that Jean retrieve one of his wine barrels and use it to mature what would become the Cask Bleu.

In 2014, the first whisky aged in barrels formerly used for sweet wines from the Rhône Valley saw the light of day. There followed a magnificent collection marked by blends, the whiskies finishing several years of maturing in those Rhône Valley barrels.



    Aged an average of 7 years


    Minimum 7 years in barrels from the Rhône Valley – Rasteau VDN (sweet or dessert wines) which held sweet wines with predominantly grenache or syrah varietals.

    Maturing method

    Those barrels having held wines from the southern part of the Rhône Valley

    Year of distilling

    From 2006

    Year of bottling

    Since 2014

    Tasting Notes

    Foreword: This commentary refers to the last batch, citing the characteristics and emotions of a particular product at a particular moment. As each bottle is numbered, this description can vary; it is by no means final.


    Deep amber


    There emerge notes of roots, orchids and oriental pastries. The intensity of this resolutely heady whisky is prolonged by aromas of caramel mixing harmoniously with underbrush. After breathing, the whisky reveals its strength and vivacity. Woody notes of gentian blend with a vegetal background of chamomile, vanilla and caramelized apples. Memories of the Rhône Valley are conjured with notes of dark chocolate and fleur de sel augmented by a very slight salinity.


    The attack is dry and lively with heady notes giving way to the aromas of allspice. The middle is saline and strong at the same time. There are beautifully long woodsy notes as well as the clean flavors of honey, plums and prunes.

    Complex and expressive, this Whisky d’Alsace Cask Bleu takes you to a world of perfumes at the crossroads of wine and whisky. Its high alcohol content leaves it unquestionably for experts and knowledgeable connoisseurs. 


    50cl and 150cl



    Number of bottles produced

    175 beer bottles of 50cl 

    13 bottles of 150cl