The entire Uberach line

Whisky Uberach

IGP Whisky d'Alsace Single Cask
Origins or type of mash

Organic malted barley mash



Type of still

Copper Holstein column still


Traditional double-pass method


A surprising result of aromatic strength and personality.

To be a trendsetter, to conduct the barrel maturing of naturally sweet wines is the resolution of Jean Metzger when he chooses barrels in the most famous cellars in Banyuls to contain his Uberach Single Cask whiskies.

This Single Cask will age in only one barrel during maturing, soaking up its history. The barrels are small, allowing the alcohol to be in constant contact with the wood for an incomparably richer aging process.

Each Single Cask bottle is numbered. Production is limited to around 300 70cl bottles per bottling from a unique barrel always identified and indicated on the label.


    From a light distillate but full of character providing the perfect resistance to the barrel, this single cask whisky is surprising in its aromatic strength and personality. It is aged for at least 6 months in only one barrel from Banyuls, from where it finds its balance and complexity. Those aged 10 years or more often reach an ABV of 50%.


    At least 6 years in only one barrel

    Maturing method

    French oak barrels having contained “Reserve” wines from Banyuls

    Year of distilling


    Year of bottling


    Tasting Notes

    A clear amber with orange highlights


    Delicate stone fruits such as cherry or orchard fruits like pears with a slightly peaty perfume. The first sniff evokes spices, fruit confit, mulled wine and leaves you guessing with the following notes of walnuts and hazelnuts, sometimes accompanied by a touch of chocolate. Cloves, cardamom and white tobacco are present before the second nosing, then the sensation of wild animal recalling the aromas of dried meats, toast or leather.


    Spirit and strength allied with a dry sweetness, bringing to mind licorice and cacao. The attack is ample and smooth with flavors of burnt caramel, kola nut and cooked peaches. The complex and elegant side of this whisky is bolstered by discreet spices such as cloves, vanilla, peppercorns and mild pepper and even a humidor for cigars. The finish is fruity and pleasant.




    45° (Alcohol can range from 43.3° to 46°)

    Number of bottles produced

    Around 300 for each decanting


    Non-chill filtered, slightly peaty with a malt distillate.