Whisky Casks Couleur

IGP Whisky d’Alsace Character and typicity

One of the imperatives at Distillerie Bertrand is to give voice to the essence of the terroirs. Throughout this entire range the French terroirs play a special, unique melody.

Each color of the Cask Whiskies is an interpretation of the musical score, according to the barrel in which it was aged.

While the Whisky Cask Jaune is aged in a barrel once used for the idiosyncratic “Vin Jaune” (Yellow Wines) of the Jura region, the Cask Bleu develops its aromatic array in a barrel once used for the Rhône Valley wines and the Cask Vert brings Burgundy to Alsace. This meeting of wine and whisky creates remarkable, singular spirits.

The Cask couleur combine the best of the Alsatian terroir, water of exceptional quality, organic barley without hops that is lightly smoked and the finest terroirs of the French winemaking regions. Afterwards comes the work of interpretation by the composer and then time, time that stretches out slowly and patiently — these are what make perfectly mature Cask couleur whiskies.

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Each whisky Cask couleur delicately imparts its memories, relating the barrel’s story.


With a minimum 7 years in the barrel, this singular blend of different ages continues to develop at a leisurely pace in order to attain the pinnacle of taste.


Each barrel is meticulously chosen by Jean Metzger, retrieved in the original region the day it’s emptied of its wine then taken back to Alsace for use with our Cask whiskies.

Cask Bleu

IGP Whisky d'Alsace Strength and concentration

A mark of authenticity, this whisky is the result of a long friendship. In his search for the precious wine barrels from the French winegrowing terroir, Jean Metzger sometimes had…

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Cask Jaune

IGP Whisky d'Alsace Diversity and exoticism

A new approach, a new style, a new taste. The first-born of the whisky Cask Couleur range, it was in 2009 that the Cask Jaune elucidated the know-how of the…

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Cask Vert

IGP Whisky d'Alsace Fruity subtlety

A mysterious encounter, almost mystical, surely one-of-a-kind.

It was serendipity and his passion for wine that allowed Jean Metzger to cross paths with that winery in Vosne-Romanée, in Burgundy.


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