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biersky 44.4°

Alsatian spirit Timeless Audacity
Type of still

Copper Holstein column still


Double-pass method


From a barrel long-forgotten in the cellar comes an uncommon product at the crossroads of two worlds, the brewer’s and the distiller’s, two acclaimed traditions in one Alsatian spirit.

The Biersky’s story began far from Alsace, in the imagination of Jean Metzger on his way back from Berlin. He knew to combine a forgotten beer brandy that had aged for 10 years with an exceptional malt distillate. This spirit was imagined along the same lines as the Spanish solera, fractionally blending the liquids so the final product is a mixture of different ages.

A carefully measured blend coupled with proficient production led to the balanced Biersky. This original version, 60% beer brandy and 40% malt distillate, was first revealed to the most curious palates in 2013.


    Beer brandy from a hops mash is barrel-aged, then the malt distillate is added. After blending at a high alcoholic content, it reduces in vats to reach 44.4°.


    From 3 to 10 years in the barrel


    New barrels and a refilling (the solera method). French barrels of 114 liters, 228 liters, etc.

    Tasting Notes

    Bright, shiny gold


    Fruity aromas of cooked apples, confit grapefruit and orange marmalade at first, making way to white flowers and confectionery notes. The second nosing is intensified by notes of cacao giving even more depth to the spirit.


    Milder than whisky, easier to approach, with the familiarity of rum or even bourbon. The taste is quite pleasant, gourmand, fruity and exotic. Licorice notes and the fruit brandies (vieille prune, calvados) slowly move towards caramel and orange confit. A beautifully bitter finish, long and balanced with both woodsy and vanilla flavors.


    5cl, 20cl, 50cl, 150cl



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