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Whisky Cask Vert

IGP Whisky d'Alsace Fruity subtlety
Preparation (Mixed vintages 2020)
Origins or type of mash

Organic barley mash



Type of still

Copper Holstein column still


Traditional double-pass method


A mysterious encounter, almost mystical, surely one-of-a-kind.

It was serendipity and his passion for wine that allowed Jean Metzger to cross paths with that winery in Vosne-Romanée, in Burgundy.

From the guarantee of rare barrels from a single grand cru wine comes a cask whisky that harmoniously combines the minerality of the appellation and the region’s subtlety.

The strictly confidential encounter of the highest order allowed Jean personal access to the unique barrels of this prestigious winery in Burgundy and offered the distillery the chance to create an exceptional whisky with complex aromas.


    (Cask Vert 2020)

    This mixed vintage whisky with an alcohol content of 50.8° is a blend of the Cask Vert 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. It reached just the right maturity with one extra year in the barrel. Each bottle is numbered and the number of the barrel is also indicated.

    Maturing (Cask Vert 2020)
    Maturing method

    French oak barrels having contained diverse grands crus of Vosne-Romanée. A blend of 4 vintages ages an additional year in a 228-liter barrel.

    Year of distilling


    Year of bottling

    August 12, 2020

    Tasting Notes

    Foreword: This commentary is a subjective description aiming to inform the reader of the typology and character breathed into the whisky d’Alsace Cask Vert 2020.


    Bronze leaning towards amber with hints of orange, not unlike stained glass windows.


    Sweet and light, letting the aromas of red fruit, the terroir, caramel and peppery spices come through. There are also delicate notes of underbrush.


    This is where the Burgundy barrels reveal unexpected, intense flavors. The fruit is stronger and strawberries, figs and apricot confit are especially recognizable. After breathing, the Burgundy oak slowly expresses itself providing aromatic extravagance and perfume, evolving to a clean, silky finish that preserves all the vitality and remarkable freshness.

    Bottling (Cask Vert 2020)

    50cl and 150cl



    Number of bottles produced

    340 beer bottles of 50cl

    30 bottles of 150cl