Organic The wonder of pure fruit

The Distillerie Bertrand is opening a new chapter in its 150 years of history. A trailblazer in distilling in Uberach, today it offers an exceptional range of seven organic eaux-de-vie, or clear fruit brandies.

By reviving these iconic products, Distillerie Bertrand is preserving the legacy of patience and know-how and honing the fruit growing methods. With this organically certified range, the distillery reveals the purest expression of these fruit made with rare, precious water.

Upholding our traditions, the organic fruit is selected for its typicity, fermented at just the right moment in an organic alcohol and is then transformed by the natural yeasts and sugars. With special attention, the distiller ensures that each one reveals its true essence.

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Subtle and expressive aromatic harmonies showcasing the nature of these noble brandies.

Mirabelle, Quetsch, Poire Williams, Framboise (Raspberry), Vieille Prune, Cœur de Bière® and Marc de Gewurztraminer.


A slow, meticulous operation in Holstein column stills dating from 1985 combined with the distiller’s experience conserves the true nature of the fruit. Aging in oak barrels for the Vieille Prune or in tanks restores the aroma, with the purity and the fullness of the organic fruit taken from the heart of the distillation.


Try them neat at room temperature in a frosted glass. The finest brandies for the finest connoisseur.

Cœur de Bière®

Organic warmly exotic

Organic Coeur de Bière® eau-de-vie or clear fruit brandy. This organic eau-de-vie is made from the must of fermented malted barley from the Rhine Valley.  

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Organic intense subtlety

This eau-de-vie is gourmand and reveals all the subtlety of the generously expressive berries. Tart and potent, it offers the sensation of tasting the fruit itself, eaten just as is.

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Marc de Gewurztraminer

Organic aromatic exuberance

This organic eau-de-vie is made with marc (what remains after grapes are pressed) of the most prestigious grape varietal in Alsace. Destemmed, then fermented and distilled, it reveals in the…

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Organic forcefully aromatic

This eau-de-vie was made with yellow plums of exceptional quality, from Alsace or Lorraine. The stems and seeds of our organic Mirabelle are carefully removed. Full of sunshine, they are…

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Poire Williams

Organic elegant intensity

This eau-de-vie was made with fruit of exceptional quality. Chosen with care, picked at just the right maturity, our organic Poire Williams with stems and seeds removed offers unequalled freshness.

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Organic sumptuous finesse

This eau-de-vie was made with whole fresh Damson plums of exceptional quality, from Alsace or Lorraine depending on the season.  Stems and stones removed, these purple plums are full of…

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Vieille Prune

Organic subtle density

This organic eau-de-vie is made with Damson plums of exceptional quality, from Alsace or Lorraine. The stems and seeds of our organic plums are carefully removed. The plump, fleshy fruit…

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