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Whisky Cask Jaune

IGP Whisky d'Alsace Diversity and exoticism
Origins or type of mash

Organic barley mash, unpeated



Type of still

Copper Holstein column still


Traditional double-pass method


A new approach, a new style, a new taste. The first-born of the whisky Cask Couleur range, it was in 2009 that the Cask Jaune elucidated the know-how of the trailblazing visionary Jean Metzger.

Inspired by the unique riches of the Jura terroir that he particularly liked, by the diversity of the appellations and the native varietals proclaiming their identity, he aged the Cask Jaune whisky in the particular barrels that he selected himself, those of the rare wines he had tasted (vin jaune, Macvin, vin de paille etc.) and the producers he had met.

The only certitude that Jean Metzger had in creating this uncommon product was the sensitivity and exceptional taste he shares with the winegrowers of Franche-Comté.


    Each Cask Jaune is aged in a selection of barrels from the towns of Arbois, Pupillin, Rotalier and Mathenay.

    Rich and generous, this is a whisky full of authenticity and character. It naturally depicts the Jura and explodes the aromatic palate of its wines, its landscapes, its terroir and its gastronomy.

    Maturing (2019 Cask Jaune)

    Minimum 8 years, here a blend of different vintages (2015, 216, 2017 and 2018 plus one year more for the 2019 batch)


    Barrels having contained Macvin JFG, Jura, vin jaune

    Year of distilling

    2006 to 2010

    Year of bottling

    April 9 2019

    Tasting Notes

    Foreword: This commentary refers to the last batch, citing the characteristics and emotions of a particular product at a particular moment. As each bottle is numbered, this description can vary; it is by no means final.


    Sustained golden amber


    The adventurous character of the Jura, nature and walnuts, the perfume of mild chestnut honey and dried fruit are all found in the Cask Jaune, along with the discreet fragrance of cocoa powder. Later, the aromas of marc de raisin for the headier side accentuated by intense floral scents (chamomile). The typicity of the Macvin du Jura comes out too, giving the entirety a gourmet character, sustained by a clean minerality.


    The attack in the mouth is lively, full and fat, enveloping the palate with red fruit and cocoa beans. Afterwards comes the warm side, thanks to the aromas of beeswax and white flowers. Long on the palate, a mild spice like Bourbon vanilla is highlighted. The bitterness of chocolate is reflected with notes of roasting and nutshells. The finish is long, concluding on berries and blackberries.


    50cl and 150cl



    Number of bottles produced

    For the 2019 batch, 399 beer bottles of 50cl / 13 magnums of 150cl